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The Problems with Therapy Website Headlines and What to Do About Them thumbnail

Do you know how short the human attention span is? About 8 seconds. That is less than a goldfish according to a study. This is likely because we are endlessly bombarded by information thanks to the Internet and our constant relationship with our technological devices. The time it takes to get your reader’s attention on… READ MORE

The Myth That Short Copy Performs Better on Therapist Websites thumbnail

Although it seems like people have shorter attention spans than ever, there’s a strong case to be made for long copy on therapist websites. Here are two things that people commonly say about long copy: “No one has time to read long website copy.” “I hate long website pages. I never read them.” Let’s first deal… READ MORE

Website Copywriting for Therapists and Wellness Businesses: 5 Things You May Not Know thumbnail

This article focuses on some important things you may not know about website copywriting for therapists and wellness businesses. If you want your website to do well, the more you know about copywriting, the better. So here are 5 things you may not know. 1. “Copywriting” is Not The Same as “Content Writing”. Unless you’ve been around the… READ MORE

Are You Using This Critical Component in Your Therapy Website Copy? thumbnail

On the one hand, I find it ironic that many therapists and health businesses often fail to use a critical component in their website copy. What is this component? Emotion. Why does it seem ironic? Therapists and health practitioners deal with the emotions of people with problems every day. Yet, many seem to “forget” that… READ MORE

Your Natural Health or Therapist Website Design  – Part 2 thumbnail

This post is part 2 of a 2-part series where I describe the process of getting my website redesigned and offer tips for getting a new  natural health or therapist website design. In part 1 of this article, I discussed several issues around website planning, targeting your audience, and the types of website content to include… READ MORE

Your Natural Health or Therapist Website Design – Part 1 thumbnail

If you are a regular visitor to my website, you may have noticed that my site has been re-designed. You can check out the home page here.  I’m thrilled with how it turned out and have been receiving lots of positive comments on it. I hope you like it too. Because getting a natural health or… READ MORE

Are You Using Social Proof on Your Natural Health or Therapy Website? thumbnail

Are you using any methods of social proof on your therapy or natural health website? If you’re like a lot of therapists and natural health business, you are likely not using any…and if you’re not, you’re missing out on attracting more clients and customers. Before I go any further… Let’s define social proof: Social proof… READ MORE

A while ago I wrote a 25 Point Website Checklist for Therapist and Healing Professionals. I included some points on copywriting for therapist websites in that list. Below, I’ve now created a more detailed therapist website copywriting checklist to help ensure the copy on your therapy or holistic website is attracting as many clients as… READ MORE

To help you be more successful in attracting clients via your website, I have put together a 25-point website checklist for websites for therapists. Check it out below. Professional Design and User-Friendly Layout 1. Your website looks professional. If you want to attract more of your ideal clients, you need to present a strong first… READ MORE

A while back I wrote an article called, “Enough of the Awful-Looking Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Therapist Websites” that focused on how many poorly designed therapist and healing practitioner websites there are out there. I decided to create this video to show some well-designed websites. Actually, I had a hard time finding some well-designed and up-to-date websites… READ MORE

Moira Mcfadden, Counsellor, Rosyth, Fithe, Scotland
  Moira-headshot“I would highly recommend Juliet as a copywriter and a marketing coach to anyone who is starting up in business. Her copywriting skills alone are worth their weight in gold. I wasted more than £600 on two previous websites until Juliet helped me write the copy on my current site. It’s proving to be very successful in attracting clients. I can’t thank Juliet enough for all the help and encouragement she gave me. You may think she is costing you money, but I promise you her help and advice…
Moira Mcfadden, Counsellor, Rosyth, Fithe, Scotland

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