Juliet Austin

Marketing for Therapists and Natural Health Businesses:

Attract the clients and customers you love
and earn the income you want

You can have the therapy practice or natural health business you deserve with engaging website copy
and a profitable marketing strategy

...while keeping your integrity intact.

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“Juliet, your copywriting works!”

"Our therapy website has been doing fantastic over the past month. We are getting a ton of calls. This week looks like it could be a record - we have had an incredible amount of new counseling client calls just yesterday and today. Juliet, your copywriting works!"

- Dr. Michael Stein, Psy.D. Psychologist, Denver, Colorado, www.effectivetherapysolutions.com

If you're like most therapists and natural health care
businesses I work with, you'll relate to this:

  • You're passionate about helping people create healthier and happier lives.
  • You whole-heartedly know you provide great value.
  • Your therapy services or natural health products are at the forefront of physical or mental health trends and research - or you're striving to make them so.

But...even when you love your work and have excellent services and products,
that doesn't mean you'll attract enough clients and customers.

Some marketing problems that may have brought you here...

You're a beginner marketer:

  • You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to focus. You don’t have a marketing plan.
  • You’re stuck on the dreaded niche questions - “Do I have to have a niche?” and, if so, “How do I decide on a niche”?
  • You’re not getting enough traffic to your website.
  • Your website copy isn’t converting enough clients and customers, but you don’t know how to improve it.
  • You’re unsure if you need to -- or maybe you want to -- use social media and blogging as a marketing tool.

You’re looking for advanced marketing help:

  • You’re not getting enough social media followers or email subscribers.
  • Your social media strategy isn’t working as well as you’d like.
  • Your website copy isn’t converting well.
  • You want to increase your income by offering courses or products -- or sell more of the products or courses you already have.
  • You want to perfect your systems and streamline your marketing strategy to save time and earn more money.

Boost your practice or business growth

My website copywriting and marketing consulting services can help build your therapy practice or natural health business:

  • Create a simple and easy to use, step-by-step, customized marketing plan that brings results.
  • Become crystal clear on your target or niche audience once and for all.
  • Gain new therapy clients or natural health customers by becoming a skilled community marketer utilizing networking and speaking methods.
  • Attract more social media followers and email subscribers, and create a strategy to increase traffic to your therapy or wellness website.
  • Write compelling articles for your blog that will keep people coming back for more.
  • Use the proven principles of website copywriting to convert more website visitors into therapy clients and natural health or wellness customers.
  • Ensure your website pages are effectively optimized for search engines and rank as high as possible.
  • Get better results, earn more income, and save time and money when building your business.


You can have the natural health business or counseling practice you want when you have an attention-grabbing website and a simple, yet effective, marketing plan to follow.

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“My business is booming.”

"My massage therapy business is booming. When I first contacted you, my goal was to be solidly booked 3 weeks ahead - well, for over 2 years I've been consistently booked 6-8 weeks ahead!"

- Sonja Rawlings, Massage Therapist, Vernon, BC, www.cascademassagetherapy.com


Hi, I'm Juliet Austin.

I'm a marketing consultant and copywriter.

I’ve been successfully marketing online for over 24 years while
helping several thousand other therapists, holistic practitioners, coaches, wellness and natural health businesses do the same (yes, this means I’m an old-timer when it comes to online marketing).

I’m a former therapist and a passionate follower of leading mind
and body health trends. With my wealth of knowledge about mental and physical health, combined with my marketing know-how and ability to apply the proven psychological principals of website copywriting, you’ll be thrilled with the results I can help you achieve.


“I tripled my client income”

"I am thrilled to say that working with Juliet made a HUGE difference to my counseling practice. In 6 months I tripled my client income. Now, after 10 months of applying the principles she taught me, I have quadrupled my client load and receive new inquiries almost every day of the week!"

- Clinton Power, Relationship Counsellor, Sydney, Australia, www.clintonpower.com.au