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Website Copywriting for Therapists, Wellness & Natural Health Businesses

My  copywriting services are described below, but first, some information on the importance of copywriting for therapists on the web…

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the science of writing compelling website content that gets your counseling or natural health website visitors to act (e.g. sign-up for an email list or a free offer, email or call you to find out more about your services and products, or buy something from you). Copywriting is based on decades of research (it’s been around long before the Internet).

Web copywriting is unlike any other style of writing. In fact, it often breaks many of the rules you were taught in school about writing. There are specific principles that must be followed in order to attract the clients or customers you want.

The Benefits of Copywriting for Websites

  • Helps you stand out from the crowd.

    A lot of website copy that you see on therapy or holistic health websites is generic and not compelling. And it certainly is not following copywriting principles. Often these websites focus too much on the therapist or business and not enough on the client or customer. When your website visitors read engaging and unique copy based on research-proven principles, it resonates with them on a deep emotional level. This makes the right clients more likely to buy from, or work with, you.

  • Attracts more of the customers or clients you do want, fewer of those you don’t want.

    When web copy is engaging, specific and written for your target audience, it attracts not just more natural health and wellness customers or counseling clients, but more of your ideal customers and clients. It also decreases the time wasted responding to phone calls and emails from unsuitable clients and customers.

  • Reduces the time you have to spend marketing.

    When you have customer/client-attracting copy that speaks to your ideal target audience, you’ll decrease the time that you spend marketing your practice or business. Why? Because you’ll convert a greater percentage of your website visitors into customers or clients. While you’ll always have to market to bring more traffic to your therapy or natural health website, you’ll spend less time doing it.

My Website Copy is Authentic and Customized for Your Therapy Practice or Wellness Business

I am committed to writing authentic and honest website copy. While my copy is client-centered, it is not over the top “salesy.”  My website copy is research driven and customized to you and your business or mental health practice. I gather a lot of information so that I can capture the unique aspects of you, your business or practice, your services and products, and most importantly, your target audience.

My Website Copy Incorporates On-Page SEO Principles to Help You Rank in Google

When writing copy for your therapist practice or natural health care business, I follow best practices for “on-page search engine optimization.” Some examples include inserting keywords that sound natural into your copy and creating “title and description tags” that are used in the back-end of your website. On-page search engine optimization helps Google, and other search engines index your pages, and it plays a role in your search engine rankings.

My Website Copy Utilizes Web Usability & Conversion Research to Keep People Engaged and Encourage Them to Take Action on Your Website

My website copy follows the research-based principles of how people behave on websites. This helps ensure that your copy will be read. One example of a core usability (and copywriting) principle is writing in a conversational and friendly style. Another usability principle is making your copy “scannable” via the use of short sentences and paragraphs, captivating headlines and sub-headlines, bulleted and numbered lists.

“I want to write and let you know that the response to the website copy you wrote has been incredibly positive. Within a week of posting the new copy, I went from 3 inquiries per week to 4 per day. Within a month my practice was full. I’ve turned off my Google ads because I don’t have room for the people who call. The website is attracting my ideal customers, which has made my workday even more enjoyable.” – Brian Giering, Therapist, Atlanta, Georgia

Done-For-You (DFU) Website Copywriting
Save Time and Be Confident That Your
Copy Will Achieve the Best Results Possible

My Done-For-You (DFU) website copywriting can help you attract more business from your counseling or natural health website.

The Done-For-You (DFU) Website Copywriting Process:

  1. The DFU copywriting option is an intensive process–you start by completing a detailed questionnaire about yourself as a therapist or business owner, your target audience, the benefits you offer, your goals, etc.
  2. Next, we set up a phone session where I ask more detailed questions based on your responses to the questionnaire. My goal is to get as much information as possible about you and your natural health business or counseling practice so that I can write compelling, authentic and unique copy for you.
  3. I then write a 1st draft of the copy and send it to you for your feedback.
  4. Based on your feedback, I will write the 2nd draft of your copy and send it to you for a second and final round of feedback.
  5. While writing the 3rd and final draft of the copy, I will complete the on-page search engine optimization of all pages.

BONUS: As a bonus for my DFU website copywriting clients, I offer feedback on your website design to make sure the site is designed in order to bring the greatest results possible. Great copy needs a user-friendly design that supports the copy. My goal is to make sure your designer does this effectively.

DFU Website Copywriting Packages: $795 – $3495+

NEXT CLIENT OPENINGS: I am booking copywriting clients for mid-March 2017. If you want to get in my queue, fill out the application form below and book a 15-minute inquiry call with me. We will discuss your copywriting needs and get you set up so that I can begin writing your copy in March 2017.


Done-For-You (DFU) Sales Page Copywriting
Get More Sales for Your Products, Courses, or Programs

If you have a product, program, or course that you are offering, I can write customer/client-attracting copy to draw in customers or clients. I’ll write a compelling sales page that will increase sales or registrations.

Done-For-You (DFU) Sales Page Process is the same DFU Website Copywriting process that is described above.

DFU Sales Page Copywriting Fee: $1295+

Other Copywriting Services
Copy for Therapy Directories, Google Adwords, and More… 

Yes, I write copy for your therapy directory listing and Google Adwords. Contact me for a quote.

QuestionsGot Questions?

Contact us and we will get back to you within 1 business day.


I am currently booking clients for mid-March 2017. Apply now to get in my queue.

DFU Copy
DFU Sales Copy
Edel Walsh, Registered Professional Counsellor and Certified Life Coach


“My practice filled very quickly after Juliet wrote the copy on my website. I recouped my investment – and more– within a few months of having my website up. I know the reason for this is the tight, targeted copy on my site. How do I know this? Because when people write me to let me know they want to work with me, their emails are very personal. They tell me how much my website copy resonated with them and are ready to commit to working with me before we have even spoken! My practice is now…
Edel Walsh, Registered Professional Counsellor and Certified Life Coach

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