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Businesses in Bloom Podcast

business in bloom podcast - revised - final

Businesses in Bloom is a podcast where Juliet Austin interviews therapists, holistic practitioners, wellness and natural health businesses on the evolution of their careers and businesses. These stories are aimed to inspire you in achieving greater success for your therapy or wellness business. Check out the episodes below…

Dr. Candida Fink – A Psychiatrist and Author Specializing in Bi-Polar Disorder in Children – Episode 71 thumbnail

Show Notes Dr. Candida Fink is a psychiatrist and author living in New Rochelle, NY. She’s built a busy private practice (primarily around child psychiatry and bipolar disorder), has written two books, and blogs at Psych Central. In this interview Candida talks why she became a psychiatrist, her advocacy work for children and families, and… READ MORE

Diagnosed with Bi-Polar, Gabe Howard Becomes a Writer, Speaker, and Mental Health Activist – Episode 70 thumbnail

Show Notes Gabe Howard is a writer, speaker, and mental health activist based out of Columbus, Ohio. In this interview, Gabe speaks about his own mental illness. He talks about his recovery, his career as a writer and speaker, and how he balances his time as both an advocate and a business owner. Interview Highlights… READ MORE

Relationship Therapists, Linda and Charlie Bloom, Share Their Successes and Challenges – Episode 69 thumbnail

Show Notes Psychotherapists Charlie and Linda Bloom teach couples therapy classes together, using their long marriage and work relationship as both support and material for their classes. In this interview, the Blooms talk about working together, authenticity in relationships, their own relationship challenges, and building a successful therapy and workshop business in a competitive market… READ MORE

Blogging as a Way of Generating Content for Ebooks – with Social Worker, Sharon Martin – Episode 68 thumbnail

Show Notes Sharon Martin is a licensed clinical social worker with a private psychotherapy practice in San Jose, California. She also writes, speaks, and contributes to the media on topics related to emotional health and relationships. In this interview Sharon talks about becoming a licensed social worker, keeping up a busy blog, writing and marketing… READ MORE

Clinton Power: Relationship Therapist and Founder of Australia Counselling – Episode 67 thumbnail

Show Notes Clinton Power is a relationship therapist based in Sydney, Australia. He currently runs a private practice with 2 associates focused on relationship therapy. He is also the founder of the online directory Australia Counselling. Clinton also co-runs the Mind Body Training Institute with Juliet Austin as well as The Ask Juliet and Clinton Show, a marketing… READ MORE

Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen – Trainer of Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT): Episode 66 thumbnail

Show Notes Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen is a therapist and founder of several therapy and training businesses. From her home in Baja, California, Rebecca sees clients for intensive several-day sessions and teaches online courses and supervises other therapists utilizing the EFT method (Emotionally Focused Therapy). In this interview, Rebecca talks about how she has grown her practice and online… READ MORE

Dr. Arielle Schwartz – Somatic and EMDR Therapist and Trainer – Episode 65 thumbnail

Show Notes Dr. Arielle Schwartz is a psychologist based in Boulder, Colorado who specializes in EMDR and somatic therapy. She runs a busy private practice, writes a blog, teaches yoga, and has published a book on complex trauma. In this interview Arielle discusses how she built up her practice, how she balances her time, and how… READ MORE

Dr. Robert Puff – Author of 13 Books and the Happiness Podcast – Episode 64 thumbnail

Show Notes Dr. Robert Puff is a clinical psychologist based out of Orange County, California. He’s the author of 13 books and the host of The Happiness Podcast, a highly ranked self-help podcast. In this interview, Robert discusses how he built a successful practice in one of the wealthiest counties in the US, his strategies… READ MORE

A Successful Relationship Therapist with A Radio Show with Melissa Ferrari – Episode 63 thumbnail

Show Notes Melissa Ferrari is a couples’ therapist based out of Sydney, Australia. She runs a busy practice, holds weekend intensive therapy sessions, hosts a radio show, and keeps up a popular Facebook page. In this interview, Melissa discusses how she became a psychotherapist, her approaches to marketing and social media, and how she balances… READ MORE

Developer of the Brainspotting Method  with David Grand- Episode 62 thumbnail

Show Notes Dr. David Grand is a psychotherapist and author based out of New York City. He developed Brainspotting Therapy, a method for resolving trauma. He has built an organization dedicated to teaching this technique to other therapists around the world and uses it with his therapy clients. In this interview, Dr. Grande talks about… READ MORE

DarleeAnn Mathieson, Sports Massage Therapist, Edmonton, Alberta
Darlee-headshot “When I was first referred to you for help with marketing I was lost and I didn’t know what to do to build my massage therapy practice. I was afraid to take any steps in fear of taking the wrong ones. You helped me create a great message on my website focusing on my ideal clients and then you helped me market my practice effectively. With your expert knowledge and skills, I became excited and motivated about my massage practice again. Most importantly, I have 3 times as many clients! Thanks …
DarleeAnn Mathieson, Sports Massage Therapist, Edmonton, Alberta

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