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Businesses in Bloom Show

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Businesses in Bloom is an audio podcast where Juliet interviewed 75 therapists, holistic practitioners, wellness and natural health businesses on their journey’s of success. Juliet’s guests discuss their work and how it has evolved over the years, how they built their practice, how they offer courses, workshops and products, how they manage their life and time with a busy business, and more. If you want to find out how others found success in business, this podcast is for you. Click here to check it out.



The Ask Juliet & Clinton Show

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The Ask Juliet and Clinton Show is a 15-20 minute podcast published in both video and audio formats that I do with my colleague, Clinton Power, from Australia. Each week we release a new episode whereby we answer marketing questions that therapists and natural health businesses submit to us beforehand. Check out the podcast here.


DarleeAnn Mathieson, Sports Massage Therapist, Edmonton, Alberta
Darlee-headshot “When I was first referred to you for help with marketing I was lost and I didn’t know what to do to build my massage therapy practice. I was afraid to take any steps in fear of taking the wrong ones. You helped me create a great message on my website focusing on my ideal clients and then you helped me market my practice effectively. With your expert knowledge and skills, I became excited and motivated about my massage practice again. Most importantly, I have 3 times as many clients! Thanks …
DarleeAnn Mathieson, Sports Massage Therapist, Edmonton, Alberta

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