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Marketing Plans for Therapists and Natural Health Businesses

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A cost effective, short and practical course to show how to create simple marketing plans for therapists and wellness businesses.

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Do you feel stuck when you think about creating a marketing plan?

Perhaps you keep putting your marketing plan for your therapist practice or natural health or wellness business on hold…

Maybe you don’t even like to think about it. Or, like many therapists and wellness businesses you don’t understand the value of having a marketing plan for your business—how it can help you grow your private practice or business. You may not know where to begin to develop a plan that will bring you the best results.

When you avoid creating a marketing plan it inhibits your success

Perhaps you are procrastinating, putting your marketing off until you “have time” to get to it. The clock keeps ticking and you still don't have enough clients or customers.  You tell yourself that you’ll get to it…but you never seem to. You keep "hoping" that things will turn around. But, the truth is you’re avoiding marketing…

What Happens When Therapists Don't Create a Marketing Plan?

  • 1

    First “hoping” things will pick up is not a viable way to build a therapy practice, natural health or wellness business.

    While your clients or customers may increase at some point, they may not–-at least not without some help. Hoping or expecting your clients or customers to increase without taking effective actions can make you feel vulnerable and helpless.

  • 2

    Putting off making a marketing plan holds therapists and wellness businesses back from getting more clients and customers.

    It takes time after you step-up your marketing before more clients start rolling in. The sooner you get marketing, the sooner you will see results.

  • 3

    There will likely never be an ideal time to create a marketing plan for your therapy practice or natural health business.

    You have to make the decision to create it and then make the time to do it. It really is that simple.

  • 4

    If you don’t have a marketing plan, you are at risk of doing what I call “fling marketing”.

    This is where you get an idea one day and then “fling” it out there hoping something will happen. When you don’t see results–or don’t see them as quickly as you’d like– you fling something else out there. This pattern continues until you feel discouraged and worn out. Meanwhile, the counseling or wellness clients and customers you do have keep dwindling.

  • 5

    While studying marketing is important, knowledge alone won’t lead to more clients or customers.

    The best way to attract more therapy clients or natural health customers is to have a strategic plan and then implement it on an ongoing basis.
    Procrastination won’t bring you more clients.
    Making excuses for why you can’t succeed won’t bring you more clients.
    Taking ACTION is the only thing that will get you the results that you are looking for.

I've been helping therapist and health businesses with marketing for 18 years

Hi, I'm Juliet Austin, a former therapist and marketing coach and website copywriter for therapists and natural health businesses. I know the struggles therapists and holistic businesses have marketing and how to help them overcome them. I also know that many therapists and health practitioners never create marketing plans and it holds them back. That is why I created this simple course to help you get a marketing plan in place.

A Marketing Plan is Key to a Sustainable Therapy Practice or Health Business

Research has shown that businesses that have a marketing plan are more likely to be successful. This is not surprising.  You can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t know the path to get you there. A private practice marketing plan will help you be realistic, keep you on focused, help you stay motivated and help you hold yourself accountable.

A marketing plan will help you track your success, determine what is and isn’t working, letting you know when you need to do something that will bring better results for your therapy practice or health and wellness business.

If you want more clients or customers, now is the time to take ACTION.

Marketing Plan is Key to Success

You Need a Simple Wellness or Therapist Marketing Plan 

One reason why therapists and healing businesses don’t have marketing plans is because they feel intimidated by the thought of developing one. You might be imagining it to be a huge complicated task and don’t know where to begin. It can be overwhelming.

Let me tell you that marketing plans for therapists and health businesses don’t have to be complicated…and they shouldn’t be. And, they don’t have to be big overwhelming mysterious things!

I’m an advocate of having a simple plan that is useful, realistic and doable.

If it’s not these things, there is no point in having one. My overall goal in offering this marketing course is to make developing a marketing plan simple and easy. I want you get on your way to attracting more therapy clients or natural health customers as quickly.

Who is the Marketing Plan Mini-Camp for?

The Marketing Plan Mini-Camp is for you if:

  • You don’t have a marketing plan to help grow your health or therapy business.
  • You are unsure or confused about how you should be marketing.
  • You are fed-up with not seeing results from your marketing efforts.
  • You have been procrastinating for far too long.
  • You know that it takes more than knowing what to do… you need to do it!
  • You want to see results quickly.
  • You want to be taught by a coach who has helped thousands of therapists and health businesses succeed.

The Marketing Plan Mini-Camp Program Details

Check-icon 3, pre-recorded video modules  

Audio downloads of all modules Check-icon  

Transcripts of all modules Check-icon  

Copy of all slides used in the video modules Check-icon 

Notes for all classes Check-icon   

Worksheets for all classes Check-icon    

Check-iconA Marketing Plan Template 

Check-iconBONUS: Downloadable Audio Recording: How to Create a Financial Plan

Module #1: The Groundwork: Your Mindset, Vision and Goals

In what ways is your mindset holding you back from attracting clients or customers? What excuses, beliefs, doubts and insecurities are preventing you from achieving your goals? How clear are your goals about the results you want from marketing your practice or business-- What do you really want? Upon reflecting deeply you might find that you’re not as clear as you'd like to be.

Having a success-focused mindset, a clear vision as well as concrete and realistic goals are key to having a marketing plan that will bring you a full practice. We’ll focus on all these in the first class, helping you get clear in order to successfully market your counseling or healing practice.

Module #2: The 3 C’s of an Effective Marketing Message: Is it Clear, Consistent & Compelling?

I can’t tell you how often people contact me for help with their marketing and then when I ask them what their core message is they tell me they don’t have one—or they have one that seems clear to them, but when they begin to explain it, it becomes obvious that it is not clear enough.

In fact, not having a clear and compelling message that is used consistently across marketing platforms is a reason why some people don’t get good results from marketing EVEN when they are spending a lot of time doing it.

In class #2 I’ll show you how to make sure your marketing message is all these things using my special Marketing Message Formula.

Wouldn’t you like to have a clear, compelling and consistent message in all your marketing communication that brings in more of your ideal clients and customers? Of course you would.

Module #3: The Marketing Plan: Make it Simple, Realistic and Doable

There is no reason to spend hours and hours on a complicated marketing plan that you won’t implement because it’s too cumbersome.

In class #3 I’ll show you how to create a simple marketing plan using my Marketing Plan Template that will help you focus and plan your marketing activities.

I’ll cover which, and how many marketing methods you should be employing, how much time you should be marketing, and how often you’ll need to follow-up with people. I’ll show you key ways that will help you get, and stay on track. I’ll show you how to ensure your plan is realistic and doable—because if it’s not, you won’t use it. You want a plan that you’ll use - AND, one that will bring results!

BONUS: Free Recording with Financial
Planning and Money Guru, Karin Mizgala + an
Easy to Use Business Financial Plan Template:

“How To Develop a Simple Financial Plan for Your Business to Keep You on Track and Help Increase Your Income”

If the thought of creating a financial plan makes you go, “Yuk”, you’ll want to listen to this recording of my pal, Karin Mizgala, the financial whiz. With counselling training and a few decades of experience in the financial business, she understands the mindset of therapists and health businesses who are often anxious when it comes to knowing how to plan and track their finances for optimal business growth.

You’ll be delighted to hear Karin’s practical wisdom as she shows you an easy way to deal with your business finances in her down to earth manner.

Registration CLOSES Sunday, January 7, 2018.

By the End of the Marketing Plan Mini-Camp You’ll:

  • Be on your way to clearing the obstacles that are getting in the way of your success, helping you get faster results.
  • Have more clarity and confidence about what to do to achieve your marketing goals in your practice.
  • Develop a compelling marketing message that attracts your ideal clients.
  • Be able to set and take concrete steps towards having the practice you want.
  • Have an effective, doable marketing plan to use in all your marketing channels.
  • Be well on your way to attracting all the therapy clients you want.

It’s Time for Action…

Here is a Summary of the Marketing Mini-Camp...

Marketing Plan

  • 3, 35-45 minute video modules
  • Downloadable audio versions of all modules
  • Transcripts for alll modules
  • Notes for all modules
  • Worksheets for all modules
  • Marketing Plan Template
  • Bonus Recording: "How to Create a Financial Plan”

  Regular Fee: $227

Fee: $127

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Yes, The 3 class modules are pre-recorded videos that you can watch at your convenience.  You'll have access to the videos for one year after the course ends.

2. Yes, there will be downloadable audio-recordings that can listen to at any time.

3. Yes, there will be downloadable transcripts of the audios that you read.

4. Yes, there will be notes that you can download for each class.

5. Yes, there will be worksheets that you can download for all classes. They include:

  • Create Your Vision Worksheet
  • Mindset for Success Worksheet
  • Goals Worksheet
  • Time Planning Worksheet
  • Marketing Message Worksheets
  • Marketing Outcome Tracking Sheet
  • Marketing Plan Template
  • Financial Planning Template

Once your plan is in place, you'll have what you need to bring in more clients and customers.

The sooner you get your marketing plan in place, the sooner you will see results, so go ahead and sign up below…

Marketing Plan Mini-Camp

  Regular Fee: $227
Fee: $127 

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