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Episode 123: Will a niche for introverts attract clients?

niche for introverts

Questions Answered in Episode 123

In this episode we answered the following questions:

1. Lucy 

“I am considering the niche for my practice to be for Introverts – highly sensitive people and creatives dealing with stress, overwhelm and burnout in their lives, particularly in relation to pressure to perform/achieve in their work life. Do you think this niche will work?”

2. Pamela – Facebook group

“Today I was trying to boost a Facebook blog. Facebook would not allow it to be boosted because they said it was too negative. What the? The heading is “What can you do if you suffer with depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy?” Any advice would be appreciated. I am really stuck.”

3. Michael – Facebook group

“I want to create a brief compelling, crystal clear marketing message/headline that will combine my two practice specialties and resonate better with my ideal clients.

For marketing purposes, I have developed two separate niches and websites. One is focused on helping people with anger problems, the other is focused on helping people with more classic anxiety problems like OCD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, P.T.S.D.

The “anger copy” has worked very well, but it can scare great clients away because they don’t want to identify as “being an angry person”; even if anger has indeed been a lifelong problem.

I’ve been marketing the anger specialty for about 15 years. The “anger niche” is often a magnet for completely non-ideal clients.

I am looking for a compelling way to let people know that I am a seasoned therapist that can help in lots of ways, but I have specialties in both anger and anxiety…that I help people calm down and heal the roots of chronic anxiety and anger.

I receive quite a few referrals from colleagues. Many of these referrals express doubts and reservations about working with me, because they have come across my anger management copy and it scares them. Fortunately some of my referral sources will send a “warm” referral who has been reassured that I “don’t just work with anger”.

So I would love to have a brief, simple way to focus my marketing message that could make it easier for a client to identify with.

I welcome any suggestions at all!”

Show Notes

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“My practice filled very quickly after Juliet wrote the copy on my website. I recouped my investment – and more– within a few months of having my website up. I know the reason for this is the tight, targeted copy on my site. How do I know this? Because when people write me to let me know they want to work with me, their emails are very personal. They tell me how much my website copy resonated with them and are ready to commit to working with me before we have even spoken! My practice is now…
Edel Walsh, Registered Professional Counsellor and Certified Life Coach

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