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Episode 100: Should I have a Facebook group for a niche that may not want their problems to be known?

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Highlights from Episode 100

In this episode we answered the following questions:

1. Facebook Group: Tim

“I’m feeling a bit stuck with my new niche website / FB page. I’ve been helping people deal with problems with pornography for more than 5 years now, and I’m really comfortable talking about it in session. I’m also convinced that I am adding value and helping unknot some difficult relationship problems. So I had a niche website built. However, now that it’s finished and I am trying to promote it and my FB page, I’ve choked a bit.
My concern was (is) that I have set myself up in a niche that is going to be hard to get anyone to ‘Like’ or support me in a social media forum. I am concerned that were people to ‘Like’ what I am doing, they would feel that they outing themselves as having a pornography problem, or someone close to them has one. I’ve even have a close family member baulk, concerned that it would come up in their feed.”

2. Karen

“I want to write an ebook, but I don’t want to write it myself. Is it ethical to get someone else write my book and use my name? Are there people who will agree to this? If so, where can I find them?”

3. Carrie DeJong http://carriedejong.com

“Thank you for all the helpful information – your podcasts and blogs have been invaluable to me as I build my practice!
I am a trauma and addiction therapist in Vancouver. I have just created a new website and am launching a blog focusing on the connection between trauma and addiction. As I build my email list on my website, I am wondering about collecting full names and emails as opposed to just email addresses. Obviously, more information about subscribers is helpful. But how willing are people in providing name as well as email? Is there any ethical consideration around collecting this information?
Thank you for your time and insight!”

Show Notes

Closed Facebook Group vs Secret Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=499628810054955

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