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Dysfunction Interrupted: A Niche Focused on Healing the Impact of Family Dysfunction – Dr. Audrey Sherman, Psychologist – Episode 72

Show Notes

Dr. Audrey Sherman is a psychologist based out of Fort Myers, Florida. She sees clients in her private practice, writes a blog, leads workshops, and has written two books. In this interview, Audrey talks about how she built her practice, how she divides her work time, and what initially drove her to become a psychologist.

Interview Highlights

[2:02]  Audrey talks about why she became a psychologist. She likes to help people and finds therapy to be a rewarding job. Also she loved the Bob Newhart show growing up and was influenced by it.

[3:50]  Audrey has also has a masters and doctorate in psychology. Her first job out of school was at a private psychiatric hospital, where she was quickly made the director. She had always wanted to go into private practice, so she built it a practice at night and weekends—eventually, it got big enough that she could stop working at the hospital.

[5:49]  Families and adolescents (a big part of her clientele) liked this schedule. She got many referrals from an area doctor, which helped grow her practice. She rented an office space from this doctor, and he referred patients to her—it was a mutually beneficial relationship.

[7:45]  After leaving South Carolina (where she built her first practice) for Florida, Audrey looked for psychiatrists to rent space from. She got a steady stream of referrals from psychiatrists.

[8:20]  Audrey was also on insurance panels and got some referrals that way. She currently has an office in Florida and sees patients there, but also spends time in the Northeast (she Skypes with her Florida clients from there). She sees 10-15 clients a week.

[9:20]  Audrey cut her schedule down of seeing clients to 2 days a week to focus on other activities, like writing. She does workshops and speaking events too.

[10:00]  Audrey has written a book for children and another for adults, focused on dysfunctional families.  She is working on sequels for both books.

[15:40]  Audrey is about to launch an online course on people who struggle with symptoms such as anxiety and depression due to growing up in a dysfunctional family. She blogs through Psych Central, and gets some referrals from there.

[17:10]  Audrey talks about the software she uses for her online courses.

[17:43]  Audrey’s marketing plan mostly involves her blog, word of mouth, and doctor’s referrals. She is on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, but not very active. She posts her blogs on social media.

[18:40]  Audrey speaks about her email list, which is mostly generated through a giveaway on her site.

[22:20]  Audrey talks about transitioning from a day job to full time private practice. She went to the court system and public agencies and let them know she was available to tests clients. This was a steady source of income for her, at a modest rate. She had plenty of work.

[24:30]  Audrey explains why she stopped taking insurance plans.

[26:35]  Audrey says her biggest business challenges have been finding enough time for everything and adapting to technological changes. She tries to keep her business confined to the workweek so she’s more productive.

[29:00]  Audrey’s advice to new therapists starting a private practice is don’t let all the bad advice and insurance talk get you down. There’s always a way to make it work. Don’t be afraid to go other places—divorce attorneys, courts, doctors—to supplement your income. Go everywhere, introduce yourself and nurture relationships with people who refer clients to you.

Dr. Audrey Sherman — Psychologist – Fort Myers, Florida

Psychologist, Dr. Audrey Sherman, is an expert at working with clients who want to be free from emotional baggage that’s keeping them from living happier, more fulfilling lives. She believes that happiness and hope really can be learned.

For almost two decades, Dr. Sherman has taught thousands of clients how to change their thinking and habits. By using her program, Dysfunction Interrupted, people can better control their lives, build healthier relationships and “Feel Good For Life!”

She is the author of Dysfunction Interrupted–How to Quickly Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Anger Starting Now, and has a blog at PsychCentral. She has also written a children’s book entitled Theodore Teedo Smooching Man-Teedo Comes Home.

You can find out more about Audrey here.

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Replays of past episodes can be found here.

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