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Businesses in Bloom Podcast

business in bloom podcast - revised - final

Businesses in Bloom is a podcast where Juliet Austin interviews therapists, holistic practitioners, wellness and natural health businesses on the evolution of their careers and businesses. These stories are aimed to inspire you in achieving greater success for your therapy or wellness business. Check out the episodes below…

Dr. Arielle Schwartz – Somatic and EMDR Therapist and Trainer – Episode 65 thumbnail

Show Notes Dr. Arielle Schwartz is a psychologist based in Boulder, Colorado who specializes in EMDR and somatic therapy. She runs a busy private practice, writes a blog, teaches yoga, and has published a book on complex trauma. In this interview Arielle discusses how she built up her practice, how she balances her time, and how… READ MORE

Dr. Robert Puff – Author of 13 Books and the Happiness Podcast – Episode 64 thumbnail

Show Notes Dr. Robert Puff is a clinical psychologist based out of Orange County, California. He’s the author of 13 books and the host of The Happiness Podcast, a highly ranked self-help podcast. In this interview, Robert discusses how he built a successful practice in one of the wealthiest counties in the US, his strategies… READ MORE

A Successful Relationship Therapist with A Radio Show with Melissa Ferrari – Episode 63 thumbnail

Show Notes Melissa Ferrari is a couples’ therapist based out of Sydney, Australia. She runs a busy practice, holds weekend intensive therapy sessions, hosts a radio show, and keeps up a popular Facebook page. In this interview, Melissa discusses how she became a psychotherapist, her approaches to marketing and social media, and how she balances… READ MORE

Developer of the Brainspotting Method  with David Grand- Episode 62 thumbnail

Show Notes Dr. David Grand is a psychotherapist and author based out of New York City. He developed Brainspotting Therapy, a method for resolving trauma. He has built an organization dedicated to teaching this technique to other therapists around the world and uses it with his therapy clients. In this interview, Dr. Grande talks about… READ MORE

Building a Research-Based Yoga Center  – with David Emerson – Episode 61 thumbnail

Show Notes David Emerson is a yoga instructor and former social worker based out of Brookline, Massachusetts. He is the founder and director of Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute in Brookline Massachusetts, and teaches yoga to traumatized youth twice a week. In this interview, David talks about his work at the Trauma Center… READ MORE

Finding Success with an Underserved Niche with Dr. Jonice Webb – Episode 60 thumbnail

  Show Notes Dr. Jonice Webb is a clinical psychologist and writer living in Lexington, Massachusetts. She’s one of the few psychologists whose focus is on helping those who have suffered emotional neglect in childhood. In this interview, Jonice talks about building her private practice, blogging weekly at Psych Central, writing books, and leading online courses… READ MORE

A Successful Mindfulness Training, Speaking and Writing Business with Donald Altman – Episode 59 thumbnail

Show Notes Donald Altman is an international mindfulness trainer and speaker as well as a best-selling author. He’s also been a comic book writer, a psychotherapist, and a Buddhist monk. In this interview, Donald talks about writing, leading mindfulness workshops, and building a private practice. He offers tips on writing, publishing, and balancing a workload… READ MORE

Getting More Clients Specializing in ADHD with Stephanie Sarkis – Episode 58 thumbnail

Dr. Stephanie Moulton Sarkis is a counselor, family mediator, and writer based out of Tampa, FL. In this interview, she discusses her area of specialization, ADHD and how she has built a successful practice around it. Stephanie offers tips on writing, networking, and maintaining a work-life balance. Interview Highlights 1:45  Stephanie talks about her early… READ MORE

From Marine to Coach, Counselor and Speaker with Sarah Plummer Taylor – Episode 57 thumbnail

Show Notes Sarah Plummer Taylor is a counselor, yoga instructor, life coach, and ex-marine. In this interview, Sarah discusses how she went from marine to yoga instructor and how she built up a successful coaching and speaking business based out of her home in Denver. She also talks about writing a book on resiliency using… READ MORE

Developing the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy with Dr. Stan Tatkin – Episode 56 thumbnail

Show Notes Dr. Stan Tatkin is a psychotherapist who works with couples. He and his wife founded the PACT Institute (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy), which treats couples and trains therapists in the psychobiological approach to conflict resolution. Dr. Tatkin also leads couples’ retreats, teaches at a CA state university, writes books, and speaks at… READ MORE

Moira Mcfadden, Counsellor, Rosyth, Fithe, Scotland
  Moira-headshot“I would highly recommend Juliet as a copywriter and a marketing coach to anyone who is starting up in business. Her copywriting skills alone are worth their weight in gold. I wasted more than £600 on two previous websites until Juliet helped me write the copy on my current site. It’s proving to be very successful in attracting clients. I can’t thank Juliet enough for all the help and encouragement she gave me. You may think she is costing you money, but I promise you her help and advice…
Moira Mcfadden, Counsellor, Rosyth, Fithe, Scotland

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