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Episode 045: Should I put fees on my website for a hypnotherapy practice?

charging fees on my website for a hypnotherapy practice

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Highlights from Episode 45

In this episode we answered the following questions:

Question 1: “Is it a good idea to put fees on your therapy website?”

Juliet stated that listing fees on a therapy website or on any natural health website when you are just starting could act as a deterrent for some clients. She said that if you are looking only for therapy clients willing to pay a higher fee, listing your fees on your site can save you a lot of time. Listing your fees may deter those not willing to pay higher fees from contacting saving you time. However, Juliet adds that sometimes clients will be willing to pay higher fees than expected when they have built a connection with you through your content or through an initial phone call.

Clinton agrees that an initial telephone call can be beneficial at helping to convert clients. He adds that if therapists offer a sliding scale, it should be done verbally and not listed on your website. Clinton uses an online appointment scheduler to encourage bookings, so he displays his fees online. He also said that letting clients know your fees upfront can save time.

Juliet and Clinton answered this question in more detail in Episode 26.

Question 2: “What should I talk about on Periscope and for how long do I need to talk for?”

Clinton said that because it is so spontaneous, live streaming technology requires little preparation, unlike a webinar. He advises Taylor that having a few bullet points of related themes prepared before doing the “scope” can prompt the discussion with your audience. Clinton also stated that with Periscope, you can respond to comments as they come through to keep the conversation going.

Juliet suggests that Taylor build relationships with other Periscope users in order to gain a network of followers. She said that if you don’t have comments from others during the stream, it can be difficult to keep talking. Juliet feels that Blab can be an easier tool for having a back and forth conversation. She adds that Taylor might want to practice his “scopes” offline first or advise viewers that she is new to streaming so that she feels more confident about talking in front of the camera.

Question 3: “How do you prevent a natural health of therapy website from getting hacked?”

Juliet advised that your web hosting company should always have a backup of your website, and that you can sometimes pay extra fees in order to restore individual files if something goes wrong. She suggests, however, that it is best not to rely solely on the hosting company and recommends Backup Buddy and the Security Pro WordPress PlugIn by iThemes. Juliet also advises that you should have a difficult password to prevent hacking. She mentions LastPass.com as a tool for storing your passwords securely.

Clinton recommends Securi.net for malware protection and removal but warns that hiring specialists to remove malware once it’s there can be costly. He adds that your host can shut down your website if it is not removed properly. Clinton advises that you update your WordPress versions and plugins regularly to ensure your website’s security and prevent hacking in the first place.

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Moira Mcfadden, Counsellor, Rosyth, Fithe, Scotland

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